Vibrator with anal and clitoris stimulators.
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Triple Action Seahorse Vibrator
Triple Action Seahorse Vibrator - with vibrating butt plug Triple Action Seahorse Vibrator - close up of vaginal vibrator Triple Action Seahorse Vibrator - holding the butt plug Triple Action Seahorse Vibrator - holding the vibrator

Triple Action Seahorse Vibe

This is one of those pleasure toys for women that offers every erogenous zone something allowing you to succumb to a wholesome sexual experience.

The shaft is smooth with a uniquely twisted bulb head. Within the head is the massaging metal pleasure beads. These beads rotate around under the jelly and massage you as deep down as you need. Not only do the beads twirl inside the head, but the head itself rotates around.

The vibrating clitoris stimulator is a gorgeous sea horse with a long snout for pin point arousal. The elongated head digs itself deeply into the labia and presses your clit like an "on" switch.

The most unique feature is the sexy and slender butt plug that is connected to the vibe by a flexible coil cord. This cord extends as long as you need, and allows the butt plug to be free to move around as you need. The sensual butt plug is corkscrew style and is pliable for easy and comfortable insertion.

The whole length measures 10 1/4 inches long, with 5 1/2 inches insertable, and the maximum width of the shaft measures 1 1/2 inches. The connecting butt plug measures 4 1/4 inches total and 1 inch maximum width. Requires 3 AA batteries, but are not included.

Price $79.99
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