Long and powerful solid vibrating cock.

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Hard Throb Vibrating Cock
Hard Throb Vibrating Cock - front Hard Throb Vibrating Cock - back Hard Throb Vibrating Cock - held by hand

Hard Throb Vibrating Cock

A realistic penis sleeve on a powerful, solid vibrator. The sleeve is made of Doc Johnson's great invention - Ultra Realistic Skin, or UR3, a new high quality material that is extremely silky soft-to-the-touch with the elasticity and feel of real skin.

The stretchy, supple sleeve slides over the vibrator shaft, or you can use the plastic vibrator on its own. The vibrations that are felt on high speed are strong and forceful to please you deep down. The head of the vibrator is slightly tapered to stimulate your spots inside that need it most.

The penis sleeve even looks real. Visually you will be so impressed; there are slight wrinkles and grooves how real skin would look. Also, there are colored veins that appear to run through out the shaft, just under the "skin", and the head is a pinky color with a realistic shape.

Ultra realistic long vibrating cock measures 9 3/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Powerful multi-speed vibrator uses 2 C batteries (not included).

Price $29.99
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