Large vibrating penis with phthalates free rubber.
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Large Fanta Flesh Vibrator
Large Fanta Flesh Vibrator Large Fanta Flesh Vibrator side Large Fanta Flesh Vibrator closeup Large Fanta Flesh Vibrator holding

Large Fanta Flesh Vibrating Penis

Introducing a new line of realistic vibrating penises that's focused on your safety. If phthalates are a concern for you but you're weary of paying a hundred dollars for a vibrator, we understand and actually share the same opinion as you. Luckily the Fanta Flesh is a rubber and silicone based material that contains no phthalates.

One of the softest materials we know, it's super squishy and practically oozes out of your fingers when squeezed. The size is quite chunky and girthy but the pliable texture allows you to get filled with the most softness without the discomfort.

Vibrates relatively quietly with 2 AA batteries that are sold separately and the power is such that you won't get aggravated it's more of a sensual massage. It's water resistant for better cleaning. Measures 8 1/2 inches total and a nice fat 1 3/4 inches wide.

Discover how this product stacks up to it's "older brother" Cyberskin in the product comparison article about these new vibrators on our blog.

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