Very slim realistic penis vibrating dildo.
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Slim Realistic Vibrating Penis Dildo
Slim Realistic Vibrating Penis Dildo - far view Slim Realistic Vibrating Penis Dildo - front view Slim Realistic Vibrating Penis Dildo - close up Slim Realistic Vibrating Penis Dildo - held by hand

Slim Lover Vibrator

Made from highly desired popular Futurotic, it's a perfect mix between rubber and silicone. The softness feels like powder, and the details of the veins are exquisite and sensational. The slim realistic vibrating penis dildo head really is the perfect alternative to the real thing.

Within the shaft of the vibrator is a solid core, giving you control and support. The core only exists about half way up the shaft, leaving the top half of the shaft and the head free to be flexible and pliable.

The multi-speed vibrations are luxurious and seductive. These perfect vibrations require 2 AAA batteries, which do not come included.

This vibrator is the perfect slim size for beginners, or for any woman wanting a smaller lover. The total length measures 7 1/2 inches, and can be inserted 6 1/4 inches. The maximum width of the vibrator measures 1 1/2 inches wide near the base of the shaft.

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