Thrusting up and down penis vibrator.
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Thrusting Penetrator Penis
Thrusting Penetrator Penis - with battery pack Thrusting Penetrator Penis - retracted Thrusting Penetrator Penis - extended Thrusting Penetrator Penis - held with hand

Thrusting Penetrator Penis

The silky feeling texture of the latex rubber used to make this dildo is so sensational as it coats the completely stiff center, but the real highlight is that you don't have to thrust it in and out if you don't want to, as it is ready to penetrate for you!

Equipped with the power to penetrate deep down inside you with it's telescoping ability, the thrusting penis vibrator uses 4 C batteries, not included. You can choose your own speed of vibrations and of up and down motion separately, with the two separate multi-speed sliders.

The vibrations are felt in the head of the shaft. The vibrator measures 7 3/4 inches total length when extended, and 7 3/8 inches total length when not extended. The insertable length measures 5 1/2 inches when extended and 5 inches when retracted. The width measures 1 1/2 inches wide.

It is not the quietest vibrator, as the gears used to make it go up and down are fueled with 4 C batteries, so power is not necessarily quiet. But it is a small price to pay for the unique thrusting motion.

Review submitted December 9, 2010

- "Very noisy but the motor ploughs through the vagina's tightness and won't stall. For a thruster sex toy thicker would be better so that you notice the movement more, but this one is OK for what it does. I like that it both vibrates and moves."
- Female 25, Oakland, California

Price $55.99
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