Cyberskin vibrator is one of the finest realistic vibes.
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Cyberskin Vibrator Kit
Cyberskin Vibrator Kit - with sleeve on Cyberskin Vibrator Kit - back side Cyberskin Vibrator Kit - with sleeve off Cyberskin Vibrator Kit - held with hand

Cyberskin Vibrator Virtual Sex Kit

Traditionally these vibes have a softer bendable shaft but this one is the answer to numerous requests for a more solid version. You can't get any more solid then this it's a plastic powerful vibrator with a floppy Cyberskin sleeve that stretches over the top. It's the only Cyberskin vibrator kit of it's kind.

You'll benefit from the same skin like feeling surface however the ultra strong tingling waves won't be muffled at all - they transmit right through the thinner sleeve directly into your body. It's really the only option for women who like Cyberskin but complain they are lacking in power.

The vibrator measures 7 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. It's quite noisy but powerful so forget the noise and enjoy the strength! Uses 2 C batteries (not included). The Cyberskin Sleeve measures 6 1/2 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.

Review submitted February 3, 2011
- "The sleeve is very floppy, much thinner then I expected. When it's on the vibrator, it gives it a thin layer of softness but it never hides the vibrations. The skin is softer but still does not feel as life like as some other sex toys, I think it's due to the vibrator which is very solid. The sleeve is a nice touch to warm up an otherwise cold vibrator. I think there are better options for realistic penis vibrators but this is good for the power."
- Female 35, Madison, Wisconsin

Price $32.99
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