Intimate yoga guide and manual for couples.
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Lusty Lovers Sex Positions Book

Yoga for Couples

Yoga is a very common solo sport, and yoga athletes enjoy better flexibility, less stress, better breathing and the ability to be peaceful inside.

The calmness of the mind and the strength of the body are two common reasons people go to yoga classes to begin with but did you know about yoga classes for couples?

You can be as naked as you want to be as these classes take place at home thanks to this handy manual composed of over 270 photos and 159 pages, detailed instructions and pictographs on exactly what to do. You'll never be left in the dark, you'll be in tune with your body and your partners body and the result in a western version of Kama Sutra.

Enjoy better sexual positions, longer lasting sex and more intimacy. Written by a yoga instructor that has over 20 years of experience in teaching.

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