Ribbed glass massager has a studded ball on the bottom.

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glass ribbed massager
glass ribbed massager glass ribbed massager close up top glass ribbed massager close up bottom

Ribbed Glass Massager

No, it's not a Viking weapon, it's a glass dildo! One of the most archaic looking sexual devices in the most feminine and tasteful material, it's one of those contradictions which is rather comical, but for the woman who craves texture there really is no better choice.

The thick ribbed top half is very effective for vaginal teasing, try inserting it shallow and massage back and forth, it's a real honest "erotic massage" and the friction-free glass will feel unlike anything else.

Ribbed on the top, studded on the bottom, ridges, valleys and creases galore. Sized very well at about 6 inches long and averaging 1 1/4 inches across.

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