Best sex toy awards list.
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Best Sex Toy Awards

The best sex toy awards results are in!

With an abundant supply of sex toys, we know how confusing it can be to choose the best. For those who seek the most satisfaction from their sexual experience, choose from these adult products which are the recipients of our best adult toy awards.

Anal Toys

Best Anal Toy for Beginners

1.) Vibrating Butt Plug
Powerful, sturdy and slim with a swirl for easy insertion makes this anal toy a perfect choice for anyone wanting to try new pleasure.
2.) Anal Starter
Squishy jelly gives the user a very unique feel. The shaft is thinner and has a flared base for easy handling and with these features it's one of the longest lasting anal dildos for beginners.
3.) Mini Beginner's Anal Toy
Tiny and tapered, you'll be able to slip this in very easily and comfortably. It vibrates and makes experimentation more fun.
4.) Vibrating Anal Tickler
Try this for an erotic sensation. The extra long length and super thin width makes this anal toy perfect for kinky foreplay.

Best Prostate Stimulator

1.) Vibrating Prostate Massager
This is the thinnest sex toy for men who are curious about prostate stimulation. The perfect first timer's male anal toy.
2.) Mini T
Powerful vibrations at the tip and the angle with the T shaped base make this ideal for male sexual pleasure.
3.) Vibrating Prostate Stimulator
Thin and solid anal toy for men with a tilted tip that is shaped like a thumb. Features deep vibrations for added pleasure.
4.) Silicone Prostate Massager
Twisted shaft that has a blunt end that's not as easy to insert, but once inside you'll know why this prostate massager made it on this list.

Best Vibrating Anal Toy

1.) Ripple Gel Vibe
You'll notice the feel of the smooth wavy shape it's like an erotic massage as you thrust, very comfortable and quiet.
2.) Deluxe Inflating Butt Plug
This medium plug not only vibrates, but it inflates too! The feel of the latex balloon vibrating inside you is very unique & pleasurable.
3.) Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads
A flexible beaded toy made from the best quality silicone. It combines comfort with quietness and the vibration is subtle
4.) Glittered Vibrating Probe
If you are a fan of bumpy sensations, this toy will win 1st place with you. It's all about the texture, more solid to deliver strong contrast.

Best Non-Vibrating Anal Toy

1.) Triple Probe
TPR rubber is very firm, 3 different ends ranging from beginner to advanced this anal sex toy has something for every level.
2.) Silicone Beaded Anal Probe
A funky shape with texture you will notice as you thrust. The large balls are made that way for a reason you'll understand!
3.) Combo Anal Tool
Large and succulent double ended probe with the perfect amount of flexibility for comfort yet sturdy enough to insert.
4.) X-10 Plug
Large bulbs give an amazing contrast as you insert. Can be doubled as anal beads or a probe that you jiggle around. Made of silicone.

Best clit stimulators

Clitoral Stimulators / Eggs and Bullets

Best Clit Toy to Give as a Gift

1.) Butterfly Teaser
This little adult toy is so beautiful. It is nicely detailed and very discreet. Perfect as a gift for the lady who is new to sex toys and the power considering the size is a quite the surprise.
2.) Passion Bunny
Ultra powerful with stimulating ticklers, gives powerful orgasms. Adorable appearance is cute and is sure to put your lady at ease.
3.) Sterling Bullet Vibrator
A very stylish looking vibrator. The bullet is coated with rubber and feels warm and silky smooth, perfect to use during sex.
4.) Butterfly Vibrator
If you're looking for pure cuteness, it really doesn't get any better then this. Bright colors and the always popular butterfly shape assures this one a spot on the top toys list.

Most Powerful Sex Toy

1.) Turbo Accelerator
This vibrating bullet wins as the most powerful sex toy for women, hands down without a doubt. If you want power, buy this one!
2.) Space Explorer
Powered by a 9 volt battery, this bullet vibrator carries immense pleasure. Feel the texture of the soft, textured sleeve.
3.) Power Flicker
Brightly colored and with power to match. The long tip is best used for teasing. This little gem does wonders for your clitoris.
4.) Digital Egg Vibrator
Technologically advanced vibrator complete with an with LCD display screen. Using 6 batteries, it holds incredible power.

Best vibrators

Vibrators for Women

Best Rabbit Vibrator

1.) Pure Indulgence
Easily the best sex toy for women, period. If your budget allows, you need to get this. It will make you orgasm in seconds!
2.) Wild G Rabbit Vibrator
A little on the thicker side, the plump clitoral vibration combined with the G-spot curve & rotating beads are truly outstanding.
3.) Waterproof Jack Rabbit 2
Enjoy 5 rows of swirling beads, a waterproof design and sturdy rabbit ears give you the finest in intimate pleasure.
4.) Dual Rabbit Vibrator
A waterproof rabbit vibrator with a budget price that feels amazing. Features 2 powerful motors and the surface has a soft touch.

Best G-spot Vibrator

1.) Slimline G-spot
Thinnest shaft of any vibrator with an enlarged and perfectly angled vibrating stimulator makes finding the g-spot easy.
2.) Cyberskin G-spot
The best sex toy for women who like it soft. Enjoy the softest Cyberskin sleeve over a solid vibrator gives perfect g-spot pleasure.
3.) Mini G
Combines the most modern trends in sex toys with an ergonomic shape that actually works. The g-spot is very shallow so the blunt build is just right for getting the proper result.
4.) Wicked G Spot
Slightly thicker then the other styles on this list, the plastic is solid so you'll get centered g-spot massage and the girth is noticeable.

Most Realistic Vibrator

1.) Cyberskin Vibrator
The easy winner of this category. Just like sex with a real man - except it vibrates! A must for the woman who demands the best.
2.) Realistic Max Cock
Thick and large with a realistic feeling build. 2 motors add better vibrations and the large size is sure to satisfy.
3.) American Realistic Vibrator
The most powerful realistic vibrator. Soft rubber feels quite real and the texture replicates a true to life man, only with a bigger head!
4.) Natural Penis Vibrator
It looks more realistic then it feels, but it still offers you an easy-to-fantasize with feel that you can enjoy. Sized like an actual penis.

Strongest Vibrator

1.) American Penis Vibrator
Extra strong vibrations near the top, this sex toy takes first place because not only is it powerful, but it's soft and comfortable too.
2.) Pure Indulgence
The clitoral vibrator is the strong part of this vibrator, you'll never feel a stronger stimulator and this alone will bring you to orgasm.
3.) Triple Flex Vibe
High intensity tingling vibrations both internally and externally make this a complete sexual experience. It's overlooked quite often because the color is not so eye catching but color doesn't matter.
5.) Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
A simple but effective large and long plastic vibrator that radiates a strong and powerful sensation.

Best Vibrator to Give as a Gift

1.) Chocolate Love Kit
A fantastic assortment of sex toys with elegant, shimmering color. Perfectly packaged and gift ready for any occasion.
2.) Purple Hottie
Vividly colored, any woman will enjoy the look and the sassy style, of this modern vibrator which has a soft comfortable feel.
3.) Wild G Rabbit Vibe
This is our very favorite vibrator. Perfect if your lady needs to be taken to the next level of pleasure and wants better orgasms.
4.) Silicone Triple Teaser
A great vibrator to give as a gift for the first timer. Smaller sized but plenty powerful and attractively designed will get her excited!

Best dildos


Best Dildo for Beginners

1.) Lavender Slender
The slim dildo that has the texture and features of the bigger dildos made into a smaller width specifically for first timers.
2.) Super-Slim Penis
The thinnest dildo available. If you need a small size, get this thin but detailed rubber penis. It has a flared base for easier handling.
3.) Basic Rubber Penis
Tapered but thin, offering the user a realistic experience with the soft touch in a compact size that won't bust you open.
4.) American Realistic Dildo
Slim and sized like an actual penis - except this one has a serious curve that can be used to please the g-spot.

Most Realistic Dildo

1.) Ultra Skin Dildo
An incredible creation, both looks and feels real. If you are looking for complete realism, look no further then this life like penis.
2.) Cyberskin Dildo
The standard realistic dildo that most people purchase when they want a realistic feeling penis. Honestly sized like a real man.
3.) Cyberskin Slim Man
Cyberskin feels so real and this one is life like in size so it can replicate a real man and the sensations from sexual intercourse.
4.) Cyberskin Dream
A hefty and bulky penis that feels just like a real penis. Solid core inside just like a real erection with silky smooth skin like surface.

Biggest Dildo

1.) Gonzo
Not only does this dildo win for size, but it's life like too! Made from Cyberskin. 12 inch long 2 1/4 inch wide realistic dildo.
2.) King Dong
Exaggerated detail makes this a perfect gag gift idea. If you crave size, you can use it if you dare! 12 inches by 2 1/2 inches.
3.) Jumbo Jack
Super hefty beast is so mighty it can even be used for crowd control! Stands at 10 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches wide.
4.) Kong
The cheapest of all large dildos but you get what you pay for. Normally sold as a gag gift but it's functional if you're into it. Stands at 9 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches wide.

Best cock rings

Cock Rings

Best Cock Ring to Maintain the Erection

1.) Pearl Beaded Ring
Tight and effective at keeping your erection firm. Stylish design makes your manhood look good.
2.) Erection Enhancer
The tightest ring available, it hardly stretches. Best for men who need the tight fit to keep the erection firm.
3.) Island Rings
Set of 3 mildly stretchy silicone rings, when all 3 are used, it's effective at prolonging the erection during your lovemaking.
4.) 3 Rubber Cock Rings
Set of 3 thicker rubber rings so you can wear any or all of them at the same time for stronger erection support.

Best Vibrating Cock Ring for Couples

1.) Triple Orgasm Ring
Soft and stretchy wireless vibrating cock ring with 2 vibrators adds intense pleasure for both partners.
2.) Clit Flicker
Extra long ticklers that come into the contact with the clitoris add hands-free stimulation to her. A best selling sex toy for couples.
3.) Ball Banger
The little heavy balls sway during intercourse and the micro vibrator is super discreet, a unique design that really works.
4.) Silicone Bull Ring
Extra plump and super thick, it's all about the squishy soft feel. Vibrator adds subtle sensations to your passionate lovemaking.

Best lubricants and massage oils

Lubrication / Romance Essentials

Best Quality Lubricant

1.) Astroglide
The only lube that mimics a body's own natural lubricant. Long lasting and compatible with condoms and sex toys.
2.) ID Millennium Silicone
Silicone never absorbs into the skin, it lasts until you wash it off and it has the best slippery feel. Don't use with sex toys or condoms.
3.) ID Warming Lubricant
Vibrator and condom compatible gives you a life like feel when you glide because it adds warmth, simulating reality.
4.) Liquid Silk
A gentle brand of lubrication that is perfect to use during sex. A product that is a favorite for many couples.

Best Flavored Lubricant

1.) Strawberry Moist
Lightly flavored and scented, this water based and edible lube covers any unpleasant scents of sex.
2.) ID Cherry
This is the most popular flavor of flavored lubricants. ID is a good, trusted brand and the scent and taste are mouth watering!
3.) ID Peach
Peach flavor is the second best selling of the ID flavored lubricants. The scent and taste are mouth watering!
4.) Fruity Booty Anal Lube
Flavored and scented anal lubricant is perfect for masking any unpleasant scents. Thick water based formula is made for anal play.

Best Massage Oil

1.) Aromatherapy Massage Oil
Soothes the soul, sets the mood for romance. A high quality massage oil for those who demand the finest in erotic massage.
2.) Jojoba and French Vanilla
Exotic, deep and musky. A fine blend of ingredients that really does make your skin more radiant. Isn't it nice when massage lotion evokes emotion?
3.) Motion Lotion Extra Hot
This unique massage lotion gets hot as you rub, adding warmth and setting the mood for passion. Edible and nicely scented.

Best male sex toys

Male Sex Toys

Best Pocket Pussy

1.) Cyberskin Pocket Pussy
Easily wins first place. It looks and feels so real, truly a must for every man who wants the best pocket pussy.
2.) Sunrise Pocket Pussy
Looks and feels real and the pussy lips move with you just like sex with a real woman. It ranks here because it's really great without a huge price tag.
3.) Alexis Amore Pocket Pussy
Dual vibrations add intense pleasure that exceeds expectations. Perfectly detailed and life like sex toy for men.
4.) Fresh Pocket Pussy and Ass
The perfect mix of sleeve and pocket pussy rolled into one fantastic male masturbator. Life like feeling and looking and double ended.

Most Realistic Sex Toys for Men

1.) Briana Banks Pussy and Ass
We love recommending this to men who want the best of the best. Every detail is perfect, the shape, the look, feel and vibrations.
2.) Tyffany Mynx Pussy and Ass
It's the position and the pussy lips that give this one the second place award. It's made of the finest material and has optional vibration.
3.) Cyberskin Sex Buddy
Extreme realism meets reasonable price. Featuring a simulated pubic bone and life like vaginal canal. Smaller size is easier to store.
4.) Suction-Base Realistic Vagina and Ass
Perfectly shaven pussy with perfect detail feels like real sex. Also features suction cup base to keep it in place.

Best Masturbation Sleeve

1.) Reversible Cyberskin Masturbator
One of the nicest textures you'll ever encounter. Silky soft like real skin but with texture that defies real life. Easily a favorite.
2.) Orchid Stroker
Squishy feeling sleeve has a sucking feel to simulate oral sex. A best selling male masturbator, a must-have item.
3.) Pure Skin Stroker
Thick and silky soft, this pleasure stroker is all about comfort and pleasure. Finger loops prevent your hand from slipping away.
4.) Dual Beaded Stroker
Extra thick and plump with 2 rows of beads for the best stroking feel you'll ever experience. Tight and snug fits every man just right.
5.) Pocket Pussy Pal
A simple masturbation sleeve with a life like feel. Compactly sized but made of the same material of the realistic vaginas.

Best Vibrating Masturbator

1.) Alexis Pocket Pussy
Double bullets strategically placed give even vibrations all around. Soft realistic pussy adds visual pleasure, the perfect life like feel.
2.) Inari Vach Vibrating Vagina
Gel material transmits the vibrations well, adds pleasure to your testicles as you thrust. Offers firm texture and hard vibration.
3.) Linn Thomas Pocket Pussy
This one wins 3rd place because the vibrations are quiet and subtle, and barely-there thanks to the wireless bullet that fits in the pouch.
4.) Pulsating Slider
Original sleeve that vibrates at the tip, focused right where you're the most sensitive. Very powerful vibration with multiple functions.

Sex Dolls

Best Budget Sex Doll

1.) Vivid Sex Dolls
The Vivid line of sex dolls are a life sized doll with the actual printed picture face of the porn star on the doll. Pick your favorite, there are 5 different girls on this page.
2.) College Sex Doll
This one has among the biggest tits, perky nipples and she has such a pretty face in a life sized model.
3.) Wrap Around Sex Doll
The sex doll that has it's arms and legs wrap around you in an embracing hold. Unique design compared to other sex dolls.
4.) Lacey Sex Doll
Nicely colored skin and real face printed on the doll. Shapely body with perky tits and firm nipples.

Most Realistic Sex Doll

1.) Aria Giovanni
We always recommend this to me who want a life like sex doll. Full mannequin head, seamless latex body that feels like skin and more.
2.) Baby Got Back
Doggie style sex doll with all the features you want in a life like sex doll. Realistic anus and vagina completes the experience.
3.) Virtual Girl
This should take first place, but the price prevents it from being feasible for most men and it doesn't inflate so it's difficult to store. An actual foam replica of a woman.

Best strap on dildos

Strap On Harnesses

Best Strap-On for Beginners

1.) Beginner's Strap On
Just as the name says, this is the high quality dildo harness for couples looking to experiment with something new.
2.) Leather Thruster
One of the most stylish harnesses, complete with a fetish look. The attachment is squishy and tapered so it can slide into any orifice.
3.) Fantasy Vibrating Strap On
One of the softest attachments available for sale. There is a small vibrator that sits in the pouch to enhance the mood and the whole package looks great when worn and we also love the 4-way straps.

Best Strap-On for Men as the Receiver

1.) Red Slider
Thinly tapered with a slight curve, it inserts easily and is smooth and slick. A popular choice for curious men.
2.) Slender Strap On
Thin and vibrating attachment is perfect for men who want to try something new and the budget price for experimentation is right.
3.) Double Dong Harness
A harness with 2 attachments, one is thin and one is thicker so you can work your way up gradually to a larger size.

Best Strap-On for Women as the Receiver

1.) Poseable Strap On
It bends and stay where you place it so you can get pleasure exactly where you want it. The most unique strap on dildo.
2.) Betty's Strap On
Hefty and powerfully vibrating, this is sure to ignite a strong erotic impulse! Slick material is capable of fast thrusting.
3.) Silicone Thruster Harness
The attachment has a torpedo tip giving the receiver a uniquely satisfying probing sensation. Stylish design and quality build.

Best Strap-On for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

1.) Facilitator
Made purely for men with erectile problems. Comfortable for both partners. It even vibrates for added pleasure
2.) Hollow Penis Extender
Nice faux leather look and detail makes this one of the most attractive strap ons for men. The soft penis feels great for her.
3.) Hollow Curved Strap On
A basic hollow strap on made of rubber. Slick surface allows fast thrusting. Inside is large enough to hold a semi-erect penis.
4.) Hollow Penis Strap On
A basic hollow strap on made of rubber with slight texture to give your partner pleasure. Large enough to hold your penis inside.

Assortment of vibrating sex toys

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